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codependency what are the signs how to overcome it - what is a codependent personality disorder definition meaning originally the term codependent was used to describe persons living with or in a relationship with an addicted person lampis et al 2017, living with depression and anxiety with printable - living with depression and anxiety with codependency issues can be shameful embarrassing and so many other emotions there is treatment hope and freedom don t keep quiet about it i have included resources at the bottom, 23 signs you re suffering from a victim mentality lonerwolf - finally don t forget that the victim complex is a form of mental illness keep an open and compassionate heart but don t be an enabler the victim mentality and victim complex are truly insidious and destructive forms of behavior they taint friendships ruin relationships and destroy your self esteem, the ultimate guide to heart chakra healing for complete - heart chakra healing is the practice of opening clearing cleansing supporting and strengthening the heart chakra within our bodies heart chakra healing involves using a number of holistic remedies to bring the body mind and spirit into alignment