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amazon com cannibalism secrets revealed history channel - cannibalism evokes an image of uncivilized people roasting enemies over a fire but the reality is that even the most civilized humans have resorted to cannibalism, cannibalism on the high seas the common law s perfect storm - there are tragic facts and then there s the facts in r v dudley murder and cannibalism in necessity were acquainted with the common law, seeing wetiko on capitalism mind viruses and antidotes - may 17 2016 1 40 pm systemic change begins with the mutations at the periphery and we are the mutations we ve been waiting for the necessary adaptation for survival has become the valuing of people over profits relationships over stuff, 20 reasons to abandon christianity seesharppress com - 1 christianity is based on fear while today there are liberal clergy who preach a gospel of love they ignore the bulk of christian teachings not to mention the bulk of christian history, the culture of critique an evolutionary analysis of - the culture of critique an evolutionary analysis of jewish involvement in twentieth century intellectual and political movements kevin macdonald on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers book by macdonald kevin, the intellectual we deserve current affairs - jordan peterson s popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape, acting your intellectual age tv tropes - often a character who acts their intellectual age is supposedly more sophisticated than the adults even the educated ones and will not hesitate to point out grammatical errors logic flaws or to criticize behavior, holodomor genocide question wikipedia - the holodomor genocide question consists of the attempts to determine whether the holodomor a 1933 man made famine that killed 7 to 10 million people in ukraine was an ethnic genocide or an unintended result of the soviet regime s re direction of already drought reduced grain supplies to attain economic and political goals the event is recognized as a crime against humanity by the, indifference define indifference at dictionary com - noun lack of interest or concern we were shocked by their indifference toward poverty unimportance little or no concern whether or not to attend the party is a matter of indifference to him the quality or condition of being indifferent, deep racism the forgotten history of human zoos - racism is deeply embedded in our culture slavery of african people ethnic cleansing of native americans and colonialist imperialism are seeds that intertwine to create racism that still has impacts today one example of the sad human history of racism of colonizers seeing themselves as superior to others is the, pizarro traps incan emperor atahualpa history - on november 16 1532 francisco pizarro the spanish explorer and conquistador springs a trap on the incan emperor atahualpa with fewer than 200 men against several thousand pizarro lures, german scientists brought to united states to work on - in a move that stirs up some controversy the united states ships 88 german scientists to america to assist the nation in its production of rocket technology, taino indian culture welcome to puerto rico history - taino indian culture ta no indians a subgroup of the arawakan indians a group of american indians in northeastern south america inhabited the greater antilles comprising cuba jamaica hispaniola haiti and the dominican republic and puerto rico in the caribbean sea at the time when christopher columbus arrived to the new world, the siege of leningrad 1941 1944 eyewitness to history - i t was horrific the siege of leningrad the modern day st petersburg lasted almost two and one half years and cost the lives of an estimated 1 000 000 city residents, culture of critique preface 2002 kevin b macdonald - the culture of critique an evolutionary analysis of jewish involvement in twentieth century intellectual and political movements by kevin macdonald preface to the first paperback edition, 6 of history s most notorious serial killers owlcation - history is full of hair raising tales of some of the most gruesome crimes one can imagine while it is hard to fathom some of the cruelties that human beings are capable of inflicting on one another there are few tales that both intrigue and repulse quite like those of famous serial killers, 10 of the deadliest sieges in history listverse - 10 siege of szigetv r 1566 33 000 killed szigetv r was a fortress on the eastern edge of what was the holy roman empire and was the scene of suleiman the magnificent s last battle he was already over 70 years old, infanticide burial body funeral life history - most societies agree that the drive to protect and nurture one s infant is a basic human trait yet infanticide the killing of an infant at the hands of a parent has been an accepted practice for disposing of unwanted or deformed children since prehistoric times