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active distributed computing projects cryptography - project information project complete major supported platforms help distributed net s rc5 project crack data encryption schemes legally distributed net which began in 1997 was the first well known public distributed computing project and the rc5 project specifically the rc5 32 12 7 56 bit project was its first project, russian password crackers fastest tested password - fastest tested mostly free password crackers with benchmarks faq tips weakness reasons, password cracker hacking software hackers news bulletin - this password cracker is being distributed in public and anyone can download this software free of cost today everyone want to be secure and never want to be get hacked but one of the software developed by hashcat which will be able to crack passwords with 8 million guesses per second doesn t, sagitta hpc high performance password cracking - sagitta hpc is the leading provider of high performance password cracking hardware and distributed password cracking software, john the ripper password cracker - john the ripper password cracker john the ripper is a fast password cracker currently available for many flavors of unix windows dos and openvms, cracking the dynamics gp passwords and security system - system security accounts and passwords can be a very broad and complex topic i want to simplify it down a little as it relates specifically to the different kinds of dynamics gp application user security accounts and the sql server system administrator account and hopefully provide some understanding of the use purpose and differences of these accounts, one password to rule them all breaking into 1password - we ve just updated elcomsoft distributed password recovery with the ability to break master passwords protecting encrypted vaults of the four popular password keepers 1password keepass lastpass and dashlane in this article we ll talk about security of today s password managers and provide insi, speakers for defcon 16 def con hacking conference - call for papers the defcon 16 call for papers is now closed the defcon 16 speaking schedule is complete with occasional minor adjustments so keep your eye on the speaker page and the schedule page for all the latest info as it happens you can also subscribe to the defcon rss feed for up to the minute news, password recovery software advanced office lastbit - 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a concise guide on website password hacking using wireshark it works for every http websites makes you wonder how important encryption is, vb6 example on how to make a login where password is - lately a few users asked how to make a login for their applications this example shows how to make a login where the login information is stored in a database i m using an access database for simplicity but it can be done just as easily with any other database type the password is stored hashed using md5 128 bit in the database so you don t need to be afraid that someone will just